Thursday, July 7, 2011

We love summer!

What we love during the summer!
 The fresh summer fruit on sale!
 Corn on the cob!
 Fresh summer veggies that are on sale!
 Snow cones!
 Braxten loves wearing these!
 I love wearing these!
 We love doing this!
We love picnics and playing in this!
 I've been doing alot of this in the mornings and I love the way I feel!
 With Brax riding in this! 
 Kyler and I are on a co-ed softball team and we have been playing once a week!  We love it!
We have been having so much fun this summer, we don't want it to end!


  1. So much fun! And I LOVE your jogging stroller!!! Can't wait until I can start running again, it's exhausting but makes me feel SO good!

  2. I already get sad thinking of summer ending! It is the BEST! I too love all the things you mentioned! At least there is Bunco year round:)