Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet Benji.

Meet Benji.  This is our new dog we adopted from adoption day at the feed store.  He is an outside dog, he is super calm, never barks, he is fixed, has his shots, and he doesn't run off when we let him out of our fenced in yard. He cost us 35 dollars to adopt him. He is the perfect dog for us because of how calm he is, with Braxten he is perfect.  We couldn't have gotten luckier. He came with the name Benji and we think it fits him.  Braxten always wants to look out the window to see Benji. 

What else...
Braxten is pretty much walking!  He can stand up by himself.  He can walk across a room.  He is getting brave and walking to things across the room as well. I think he is finally getting the idea and this is so much better then crawling.  He is still a little wobbly but at least he is doing it more and more!  He gets better everyday. Maybe in the next couple of weeks we will have a full time walker!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don't let him fool you.

Don't let this cute little boy fool you. Braxten has been such a stinker lately, I'm hoping its just a stage he is going through.  He has started to throw fits...where do they learn this?  When he doesn't get his way or if I take something away he arches his back back and throws a fit if I am holding him or if he is on the floor.  He has gotten many nice bruises from hitting his head on the floor.  I just ignore him, so you would think he would learn to not throw them but nope...he still does.  Church is the worst, he wants to get down and play. Since I don't let him he throws huge fits.  I have to think of new exciting things to take to church to keep him busy.  This last Sunday was the first time we didn't have to take him out.  I'm crossing my fingers, hoping it continues. Sometimes I ask myself why do I even go to church I am usually out in the hall anyways.  I know that I'm suppose to be there though and so I try my best. 
It amazes me how much Braxten can destroy in just a few minutes.  He is into everything now.  No he is still not walking.  You ask how old is he...he is 15 months and no he is not walking yet.  I get told all the time "He should be walking by now."  Well we have tried to work with him and he just doesn't show any interest so no he shouldn't be walking by now...he will walk when he is ready...which isn't quite yet...don't judge.  He was a late crawler as well...he is just a bigger healthy baby and wants to take it slow.  He is still super smart.  He loves to play ring-a-round-the-rosie.  He loves reading stories.  He loves to color on everything.  He loves to play little games and sing songs. He loves playing with his buddies at playgroup (good excuse for us moms to get together) He loves to dance and listen to music. He loves to eat.  He is dad's little buddy and mom's little helper. He loves to play with balls and push cars around.  He loves riding in his car.  He loves animals. He loves bath time, usually he poops in it. He loves attention and when we laugh he thinks he is silly and will do it again. He is saying more and more words and he has a personality that is so fun. He loves eating crushed ice out of a cup by himself.  When I am making a meal he will come sit by my legs and beg. He loves to point at everything and go uhh to let you know what he wants. It's amazing how fast they learn things.  So even though he can be a little stinker most of the time.  There are moments that I enjoy.  I will always be grateful he is in our family and I will always love him to pieces no matter what.  Even though sometimes being a mother is frustrating it has its true joys and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I love being a mom and being able to stay home and have a little buddy to hang out with.
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Curly Locks?

"Where does your little boy get his curly hair from?" I get this question all the time.  I think to myself have you seen my husband?  He is identical to my husband.  I love to look at pictures of Kyler when he was little because he has the exact same hair and looks just like Braxten.  I like to think he gets some things from me but so far I can't see anything.  It's funny the comments I get either he looks just like me or Kyler or a good mixture of both.  I still think to myself...have you seen my husband?  Right when Braxten was born Kyler thought he looked exactly like me and asked if I had made the baby by no. When I was pregnant with Braxten I always hoped that he would have lots of curly hair...well I got my wish.  He has tons of hair and it is super curly.  When he gets out of the bath its super kinky and I absolutely love it.  I love just being able to just rub my hands through it and it's done.  It's so tempting for other people as well because they can't keep their hands from touching it.  I understand though because I love to sit and run my fingers through it. Sometimes I'm tempted to cut it because some people confuse him for a girl but I would be really sad if I cut it and Kyler won't let me so for now it stays.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A little of this...a little of that.

                              Colton (Kyler's brother) on the left...My family is all basketball players so going to watch wrestling is all so new to me.
                                                    This is what Braxten did the whole time. 
                              We got this car for Braxten for Christmas and he wants to be in it all the time.
                                                              A fun day playing frisbee.
                                                     Uncle Kelton let Brax wear his jacket.

                          Watching playoff football games usually means a lazy day.
Well nothing too exciting happening in our home.  A new semester has come for Kyler and he is taking Microbiology and two Anatomys. Tell me about it being a fun semester.  We hardly ever see him even when he is here.  He goes to work and then comes home to study.  Welcome to my life for the next couple of years.  Hopefully next semester he will be starting the nursing program. Good thing I have a long list of crafts and projects I want to do.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time.

We had a great Christmas this year! Like everyone else we ate lots and lots of food, spent time with family, and had a grand ol' time. 

Kyler sewed these stockings by hand.  (Each little tiny piece is stitched)  It took him about a month to do each one. (He ordered them in October) I think they turned out great!  It was a great stress reliever from school and he absolutely loved it.  I don't think I would have the patience for something like that. They sure meant alot more to us though.

Kyler's stocking

Braxten's stocking

My stocking.

Our Christmas tree we went and cut down.

  I asked Santa for a white Christmas this year.  I got my wish even though it was a few days late.  We love snow!  It was so exciting to actually get a nice storm.  I'm knew to all this still so when everyone was complaining about it I was loving it!  Braxten didn't know what to think about it but he sure loved it!