Friday, July 1, 2011

Wallow Fire

        Escudilla lookout (I took this from Allen and Holly Browning)

You can't tell but the sun was blood red from all the smoke.
 Right when we were getting evacuated.
The Wallow Fire has been going on about a month now and has burned about 538,049 acres and is 95% contained.   A few weeks ago we had to evacuate our home.  It was hard leaving and not knowing what was going to happen.  It really puts things into perspective on how family is really the most important thing.  I really didn't care about my furniture, computer, decorations, etc. I was just thankful I had my family and that we were safe. I look back now though and it was a huge learning experience. We do need to be prepared in any situation.  Luckily we had been working on our 72 hour kits and we felt prepared.  Our community has really come together helping each other. Out of the bad situation we were in, it has become a good experience and I've learned alot.  We are thankful for all the firefighters, officers, forest service, and everyone who has helped with this fire.  We are very thankful we got to come back to a home, and we are loving that we have clean air now. Now we are making the transition for preparing for potential flooding when the monsoons come.

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