Friday, January 7, 2011

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time.

We had a great Christmas this year! Like everyone else we ate lots and lots of food, spent time with family, and had a grand ol' time. 

Kyler sewed these stockings by hand.  (Each little tiny piece is stitched)  It took him about a month to do each one. (He ordered them in October) I think they turned out great!  It was a great stress reliever from school and he absolutely loved it.  I don't think I would have the patience for something like that. They sure meant alot more to us though.

Kyler's stocking

Braxten's stocking

My stocking.

Our Christmas tree we went and cut down.

  I asked Santa for a white Christmas this year.  I got my wish even though it was a few days late.  We love snow!  It was so exciting to actually get a nice storm.  I'm knew to all this still so when everyone was complaining about it I was loving it!  Braxten didn't know what to think about it but he sure loved it!

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