Monday, January 17, 2011

A little of this...a little of that.

                              Colton (Kyler's brother) on the left...My family is all basketball players so going to watch wrestling is all so new to me.
                                                    This is what Braxten did the whole time. 
                              We got this car for Braxten for Christmas and he wants to be in it all the time.
                                                              A fun day playing frisbee.
                                                     Uncle Kelton let Brax wear his jacket.

                          Watching playoff football games usually means a lazy day.
Well nothing too exciting happening in our home.  A new semester has come for Kyler and he is taking Microbiology and two Anatomys. Tell me about it being a fun semester.  We hardly ever see him even when he is here.  He goes to work and then comes home to study.  Welcome to my life for the next couple of years.  Hopefully next semester he will be starting the nursing program. Good thing I have a long list of crafts and projects I want to do.

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