Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Curly Locks?

"Where does your little boy get his curly hair from?" I get this question all the time.  I think to myself have you seen my husband?  He is identical to my husband.  I love to look at pictures of Kyler when he was little because he has the exact same hair and looks just like Braxten.  I like to think he gets some things from me but so far I can't see anything.  It's funny the comments I get either he looks just like me or Kyler or a good mixture of both.  I still think to myself...have you seen my husband?  Right when Braxten was born Kyler thought he looked exactly like me and asked if I had made the baby by no. When I was pregnant with Braxten I always hoped that he would have lots of curly hair...well I got my wish.  He has tons of hair and it is super curly.  When he gets out of the bath its super kinky and I absolutely love it.  I love just being able to just rub my hands through it and it's done.  It's so tempting for other people as well because they can't keep their hands from touching it.  I understand though because I love to sit and run my fingers through it. Sometimes I'm tempted to cut it because some people confuse him for a girl but I would be really sad if I cut it and Kyler won't let me so for now it stays.

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