Monday, February 20, 2012

B Boy

Brax is getting so big!
I wanted to write some things down to remember.  (I am making this blog into a book)
He loves to sing songs and dance.  He can sing Old McDonald had a farm, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Monkeys Swinging in the Tree
He can talk in full sentences now and says way to many words to write.
Its so fun we can have a conversation and he can tell me what he wants.
He has such a sweet little personality but can definitely be a stinker.
He is a rough little boy and likes to be a bully sometimes.
He is such a good eater.
He loves to play bball and football, loves to throw and catch balls.
He gets so excited when dad gets home
He is a big helper
He loves to watch curious george and clifford
He loves to play Donkey Kong on the nintendo 64.  I know he is only 2 but he is quite good!
He has a huge imagination and I enjoy watching/hearing him play.
He gives the best kisses and hugs
He still takes 3-4 hour naps.
We are trying to transfer him into a big boy bed. He does pretty well for the most part.
He can count. 1-3 and then 6-11 I don't know why he skips a bunch of numbers.
He loves to read books.
He loves to be outside and if it wasn't so cold would be outside all day
He is such a boy and we love it that way!

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