Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby #2

In September we found out that I was pregnant!  
We waited a while to tell everyone since the last time we had a mc.
I am now almost 16 weeks.
I have been so so sick.
This pregnancy has been way different then with Brax.
I wasn't too sick with him and with this one it's been a whole different story.
I finally actually have energy to do things.
I am finally starting to feel better.
We find out on February 9th what we are having!
I've heard the heartbeat and have had 1 ultrasound and the baby is healthy!
This pregnancy has gone by way too fast.
We are very excited we are going to have another little one the first of July!


  1. YAHOO!!! YAY for babies!! :) SO excited for you guys! :) Hope the sickness goes away soon! Maybe a girl???