Thursday, August 11, 2011

10 Things.

10 things that make me genuinely happy:
It doesn't take alot to make me happy, and there are many things that make me happy.  I don't need the nicest, most expensive things to make me happy.  I have my family and everything I need.  I'm very blessed but here just a few of the things that make me happy.
1. My husband Kyler Grant Merrill makes me happy.  I always pictured what my husband would look and be like, and I couldn't have pictured a better guy.  He is always doing something silly {funny} to make me smile or laugh.  I love that we communicate really well, we talk about anything and everything.  I love that I have someone I can tell anything to and won't feel judged.  I love that he supports me in all that I do.  I love that we try to go on a date once a week.  It has really helped our relationship.  I know sometimes we don't agree on everything but we try to understand one another and sometimes have to agree to disagree.  I love how he compliments me and tells me I'm doing a good job.  I love how he is my better half, and he puts up with me and my nonsense.  He is a great dad to Braxten and I really do fall in love every time he is playing with Brax.  He works hard for our family and is going to school to have a better job/life for us  I'm so thankful  that he wants me to stay home to raise our family.  I could go on and on about things that I love about him and why he makes me happy.  But this is just a few reasons why he is the #1 thing that makes me happy! 

2. Braxten makes me happy!  Even though some days I get frustrated he knows the right things to do to make me smile.  I love his curly hair, big brown eyes, cute chubby cheeks. I love everything about him! I love that he is talking and he can tell me what he wants.  He is so smart and he surprises me everyday with just how smart he really is.  He definitely has his own personality and can be a little stinker.  He loves all food, except broccoli, peas, and avocado and he is such a good eater.  I love learning from this little boy and teaching him.  He brings me true joy and happiness everyday.  Being a mom to him makes me happy.  He makes our life complete.  

3. The Gospel.  I really don't know where I would be without it.  I love what I know and it brings me great joy to be able to teach my children about it. I love that by being sealed in the temple, I can be with my family for eternity and  if I do my part be with them again after death.  Its sad to think about people not knowing what is going to happen after we die.  I love reading my scriptures, praying, going to church, serving others, and doing what's right.  I know sometimes its not always easy but it makes me feel so much better and it really plays a huge part in making our family better as a whole.  We truly are happier when we are doing whats right.  I love the gospel and all the blessings that come from it.  

4. Checking items of lists. I always have a list of something.  I love to have a list to see everything I need to do for the day so I don't forget anything.  I love the feeling of accomplishment when I check something off.  

5. Exercising.  I have been really motivated for the last 2-3 months and I love the way I feel.  It makes my days go better and gives me more energy.  

6.  My house.  I love our home that we bought.  We have lived in it about a year and I have enjoyed fixing it up and making it our home.  I love decorating, painting, and organizing.  Everything about our home is perfect.  I love doing different projects to make our home better.  A clean house makes me happy too! 

7. Projects.  I have a long list of summer and winter projects, crafts, and so on.  My lists are still very long, I have lots to do! I especially love doing family projects.  One of them this summer was to plant grass.  I love painting, crafting, sewing, and all other projects. 

8. Family. I have the best family!  I also married into a great family!  I love family get togethers and family reunions they make me happy!  My family does dessert and popcorn every Sunday at my aunt and uncles house and that is something that I really miss and has made me really home sick living away from them.  My family is so supportive, if someone is getting baptized or blessing a baby all my family is there...including aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents.  I love when family comes to visit or going to visit them.  I am thankful for my family!  

9. Flowers and surprises.  I love when Kyler surprises me with flowers or a little note.  The little things in life make me extremely happy. 

10. Friends.  I have some of the best friends!  I hated moving here, and the first few months living with Kyler's parents I didn't really get out and do anything, especially with it being winter and having a new baby.  It was kind of a depressing stage in my life.  When we first moved into our home, I got asked to join a bunco group.  I think that was the greatest blessing ever.  Ever since then I have really become good friends with those girls and I consider them some of my best friends!  I've also met alot of fun ladies in our ward, and in our old ward!  I've also met some through playgroups, park days, and story time that I've become good friends with.  Having good friends have been one of the biggest blessing in my life and they came when I needed them the most!  I couldn't be happier living here and it's because of all the good friends I have!

10 honest things about myself:
1. I hate needles!  I absolutely hate getting my blood drawn and shots! I don't even like to look at them.  It makes me sick just thinking about it.  When Kyler was taking Phlebotomy he would always want to practice on way!  

2. I love to be organized. I don't like clutter!  I feel like I'm always spending days going through my house and throwing things away, organizing something else or finding new ways to organize.  I have a certain way I like things, maybe I'm a bit of a perfectionist.   Our towel closet is organized by color and the towels all have to be folded a certain way.  In our closet with all our cleaning supplies, toilet paper, soap, etc. everything has a place and it is organized nicely.  I organize my clothes in colors. I am weird but I love opening up a closet and seeing that everything has a place. I love blogs that give ideas for better organization!  I love organizing my time as well. I love feeling organized and knowing where everything is and that everything has a place.  That doesn't mean my house is always perfect.  I just like to be organized. 

3. I am kind of a picky eater.  I don't like eggs, milk, sea food, pork.  I'm really picky with my meats as well.  I like my steak well done with no pink at all showing!  

4. I love sports.  I played volleyball and tennis in high school.  I also did cross country one year.  I love to play sports and watch all sports.  I love to go and watch high school teams and watch sports on TV. 

5. I love snow cones.  I would prefer them over ice cream and yummy treats.

6.  I really like black licorice.   

7. I love everything about fall and summer!  Summer-flip flops, shorts, family fun, swimming, snow cones, pop cycles, playing outside, yummy produce on sale, barbecues, camping, family vacations
Fall-all the yummy smells, decorations, colors of the leaves, holidays, colors, goodies, baking.

8. I love to cook and bake!  

9. I am a worrier.  I worry about everything, but I am getting better.   

10. I love to save money!  I love a good deal, and I look forward to Tuesday when the ads come to my house.  I get excited to look and see what is on sale and what I have coupons for. 

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  1. I love this post! I also look forward to the ads every week but mine usually show up at least a day late and I do not appreciate it. I just want to know what is on sale!