Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring has brought...

                          Lots of home projects and spring cleaning. (Our big helper)
                            Special Olympics in the dome and playing in the sand while watching
                                Weddings, and spending time in Thatcher with family.
                                           Our cherry tree is blossoming!
                                               Our rose buds blooming.
I have never really experienced Spring like I have here.  It is one of my favorite seasons (besides the wind) Everything is turning green and everything is coming alive. I'm just amazed as we drive down the road or look out our front window.  Everything is so beautiful, Heavenly Father really did create a beautiful world.  We have had warmer weather as well, which has been great. Spring also means that summer is just around the corner!   Bring on the yard work, garden, spring cleaning, and home projects!   Happy Spring everyone!!

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