Thursday, February 17, 2011

Summer Sick!

Kyler is now an applicant for the nursing program.   It has been a very stressful, busy couple of weeks.  He got all his paperwork together, has been studying like crazy for the hesi, and his math test (he had to pass out of) All of his hard work paid off.  It hasn't been easy all the studying and one test after another and getting all the things he needed, plus taking Anatomy and Micro this semester on top of that.  So we're pretty relieved we are done with that and we should know before Spring break if he gets in, keep your fingers crossed!  You can bet we will be keeping ours crossed!  I'm so proud of him!

On another note...I'm summer sick.  It has been nice the past few days (but today it's windy and it is suppose to snow) and we've gone to the park and have been playing outside and I decided I'm so ready for summer.  (Not that I'm ungrateful for this season, I'm just ready for a little warmer weather and to actually play outside!)

                              I'm ready to play in the sun, go to the park, and play outside! 
                I want to wear some of these!  I want to wear shorts and I'm ready for some bright colors!
                                        I want to go swimming and eat pop cycles, snow cones and grill!

I want to plant flowers, and have green grass, no school for Kyler, camping, family trips!

Summer please come soon! 

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